About IIBIT Education Group

IIBIT Education Group is a premier educational organisation providing quality services in education and training. Founded in 1999, the group has 15years of experience in supporting the educational aspirations of individuals and organisations from across the world. IIBIT Education Group is a vibrant, exciting and engaged academic community committed to educational excellence.

IIBIT Education Group encompasses the following.

      • IIBIT (International Institute of Business and Information Technology) - a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) focussing on Vocational Education.
      • IIBIT Academy of English - focussing on Language and Literacy Training.
      • IIBIT in association with Federation University - an educational partnership focussing on Tertiary Education Programs in Sydney and Adelaide.

The group has also recently entered the international K12 schools sector focussing on the CBSE and Cambridge curriculum in India.

As an RTO the group is engaged in providing Vocational Education in the areas of Business Management, Marketing and Accounting, and Language Education in the areas of General English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and IELTS Preparatory courses.

Through the educational partnership arrangement with Federation University, the Group is engaged in providing Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Accounting, Information Technology and Business Administration in Sydney and Adelaide.

ITP Education Group is also engaged on projects in relation to provision of consultancy and corporate training services in the areas of Management and Information Technology.

The Group’s commitment to excellence in education and training ensures that individuals are provided the best possible opportunity to acquire a well-rounded practical learning experience enabling them to reach their full potential in their chosen field of endeavour.

Our motto:“Education together”