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Students who have completed all course requirements are eligible to graduate and have their degree awarded at a conferring ceremony or In Absentia.

When you have completed your program, and your results have been published, your academic record will be assessed and updated and you will be sent an email, inviting you to log in to My Student Centre (MySC) to complete your graduation attendance / non attendance details for the next event. You must complete these details even if you do not want to attend a ceremony.

Please update your preferred email address in MySC to ensure you receive correspondence from the Graduation Office.


Fee Information

The options and fees available are:

$125 - Attend ceremony

$65 - Post overseas

$25 - Post within Australia

No charge - collect from FedUni Student HQ

You will be able to select one of these options when you complete your graduation attendance details online.


Graduating 'In Absentia' - Not Attending A Ceremony

Please note: you will not be able to access any graduation information when you login to MySC until your record has been updated in the system.

It is essential that you complete these details online, even if you do not want to attend a ceremony. Please select the 'no, I do not wish to attend' option when completing your graduation attendance details online.


Invitation / Visa Letters For Family Members

Invitation letters for visa purposes can be requested by selecting 'request visa letter' when completing your graduation attendance details online. If you require names of family members on your invitation letter, please include these in the space provided when completing your graduation attendance details online.

For further information, submit an online contact request to the Graduation office.


Graduation Ceremonies Dates

Graduation ceremonies will be held in December 2018 on the following dates (individual Faculty dates/times will be confirmed at a later date):

  • Wednesday 5 December 2018
  • Thursday 6 December 2018

Graduations Office Contact Details

Submit your request online

Ph: +61 3 5327 9503 or +61 3 5327 9012

Graduations Office

Federation University Australia

PO Box 663




Important Note:

Please note that it takes around 3 days for the mail to reach Ballarat. Therefore please do not forget to post your application form a minimum of 3 days before the application closing date. If your application form does not reach Ballarat on time, they may not be able to accommodate you at Graduation.

Students who apply to Graduate and subsequently fail one of their units, will have their money refunded.

The contact details for the Graduation Office is as follows:

Tel: 03 5327 9503

Fax: 03 5327 9704

Email: graduation@federation.edu.au

For further information regarding Graduation Ceremony, please visit the FedUni Graduations website.