FedUni Student grievance procedures

As part of the approach by the Federation University Australia to providing a fair, safe and productive study environment, consideration of grievances will be dealt with fairly, consistently, promptly, with sensitivity to all parties and in accordance with the principles of natural justice.:

For details of the policy and procedure please go to the following link:

Student Appeal Policy

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a Federation University Australia student, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Student Services staff or the Campus Manager.


Academic Support

IIBIT Sydney can provide assistance to students with building their fundamental study skills. For further information contact the Academic Support staff on Ground Floor, Room 107.

The Federation University homepage also have a wide variety of resources to help with your Academic Skills Development. For further information, please refer to.

A revised FedUni Referencing Guide with the most commonly used sources can be found [here]


IIBIT Student Code of Conduct

The code of student conduct at IIBIT aims to promote an environment conducive to a friendly and productive working relationship between students and staff. All students are expected to conduct themselves with integrity in their dealings with other students and with staff and help to maintain the high standards upon which the institute prides itself.

The use of Abusive or Intimidating language, Threatening behaviour, and the misuse or misappropriation of IIBIT property will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in suspension or dismissal.

Students are required to produce their IIBIT Student identification card whenever so requested by any member of staff. A student will have to display their identification cards whilst in the computer labs. Students not in possession of the identification card will not be allowed inside IIBIT premises and may be asked to leave the premises.



Gambling with money is not permitted within IIBIT premises. Any student found gambling on the premises would be expelled immediately.


Chewing gum is prohibited.

Food and Drinks

Under no circumstances food or drinks are allowed in any area of IIBIT other than the designated student's common room. Students found with food or drink in the computer labs, lecture rooms or tutorial rooms may have their access to IIBIT facilities suspended.


Smoking is prohibited throughout the building including all foyers, toilets and lifts.

Personal Behaviour

Health laws prohibit spitting in buildings and public places. Spitting is absolutely forbidden on the campus. Students found spitting in IIBIT premises will be expelled.

Personal Hygiene

Students must ensure to maintain personal hygiene at all times to ensure a healthy and safe environment. Students must also make an effort to keep hand basins and toilets clean and to turn taps off after use. Consideration must be shown to others when using the toilets, kitchen and common room.

Workplace Health and Safety

The IIBIT has an active policy on workplace health and safety management, which is available from the Campus Manager on request.

Evacuation in Case of Fire

From time to time occasions may arise when the IIBIT needs to be evacuated. On such an occasion the following steps must be followed:

  • Trainers will take charge of the room they are in at that time.
  • Students accompanied by their Trainer, will exit in an orderly manner by the fire stairs, shown on the floor plan displayed in the IIBIT.
  • Only the personal effects are to be taken as bags can impede evacuation.
  • As each room is evacuated the lecturer will report to the Campus Manager for further instructions.
  • Students and Trainers will assemble in the designated areas until advised that they may return to the building.

The designated assembly areas will be displayed at IIBIT.

Copyright Issues for Photocopying

There are restrictions on photocopying of articles or textbooks for academic purposes. These restrictions are detailed in Appendix A. It is the responsibility of the students to follow these rules and regulations.