IIBIT provides a range of services to its students via their Student Services Team. Their aim is to assist students and graduates for their further education and career progression, provide information and advice in selecting the right career path, personal counseling in matters related to the student academic life. Student Handbook, examination results, other student resources required during the program and regular news updates on new IIBIT programs.

Student Counselling

IIBIT provides counselling advice. IIBIT staff will be able to assist students adapt to their new environment and help with career development and opportunities. Students with personal or legal problems should see student services, who will be able to assist or refer the student to the college counsellor.Lecturers are available to assist students with learning difficulties.

Course Advice And Enrolment Assistance

Students are introduced to the academic staff of IIBIT and to their Course Coordinator. Students will also be provided with course advice and assistance at enrolment.


Forms for document request are available at Student Administration desk. Different document requests take different amount of time as follows.

Enrolment letter, Academic Transcripts, Graduation Certificate, Attendance Certificate, Completion letter will take at least 3 - 5 working days. Please ask for document request from.

Academic And English Language Support

Continuing study assistance is provided by specially trained staff on a one-to-one or group basis to assist students with note taking, referencing, essay and report writing, paraphrasing, grammar, oral presentations, researching, time management and exam preparation.

Accommodation/Home Stay

Students who require accommodation, IIBIT can arrange home stay or advise on other types of accommodation. Any problems with their home stay arrangements should be consulted with student services, who can direct you to see the accommodation officer.

Students must also let the office know if their address changes during their course. It is important that the institute should be able to contact students or relatives in the case of emergencies.


Social Activities Program

An ongoing social activities program runs throughout each semester and provides opportunities for students to enjoy a range of activities outside study. These include occasional weekends or one day excursions to various locations such as the Blue Mountains near Sydney or Adelaide’s Sandy Beaches.

Study Skills

Academic skills are an important part of your learning process and range from areas such as writing a report to time management. Your teacher will always be able to provide you guidance with your academic skills, however for in-depth clarification, please refer to the links below: