Why study at IIBIT

IIBIT Education Group,  which delivered its first tertiary education program in Australia in 1999. Since then over 15,000 students from around the world have studied on our campuses in Adelaide and Sydney in business, information technology and allied health. it is built on the long-standing tradition and motto of ‘Education Together’. It is our aim to provide every student with access to quality, industry-linked education to help them meet their personal educational and professional goals.

Unique Opportunity

Our collaboration with the Federation University Australia enables students to obtain an internationally recognised degree from an Australian University. This partnership provides international students with the unique opportunity of obtaining commercially desirable and professionally accredited degrees whilst studying in one of two premier cities, Sydney or Adelaide.

Highly Qualified Award Winning Academic Staff Delivering The Various Programs To High Standards Set By The University

IIBIT's academic staff are highly qualified and offer high quality learning experience to their students. FedUni's programs offered at IIBIT Sydney and Adelaide are taught by IIBIT's own teaching staff, who deliver programs on the same level of FedUni's Educational standards. Within the partnership, IIBIT provides facilities, teaching staff, and student services whereas FedUni controls the quality of the programs via moderation processes and confers degrees. This ensures that students get the same awards from the University whether they are studying at Ballarat, Victoria or at our campus locations in Sydney or Adelaide.

IIBIT takes pride in informing that many of our lecturing staff as well as academic administration staff have received excellence awards from the University for their services to students as a part of teaching or as a part of academic administration servicing students with extreme dedication.

Professional Accreditation

The various programs offered at IIBIT Sydney and Adelaide in partnership with the FedUni are accredited by leading professional bodies such as:

  • CPA Australia
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
  • Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI)
  • Australian Computing Society (ACS)
  • Australian Institute of Management

Individual Attention And Extra Classes For Academic And English Language Support

IIBIT gives extensive support to students wherever required to help them to handle the demands of the University studies. For this additional classes are time-tabled which are delivered as workshops or seminars to guide students in areas such as developing study skills, English language support, assignment and examination preparation etc. These are offered free of charge as a part of IIBIT's endeavour to assist students who are settling down in their first semester. This support is ongoing and can be availed by continuing students as well.

Student Mentors

This is an extended support service for students to learn from their peers. This is a peer assisted study support under which academically strong students who have excelled in their studies are employed by IIBIT to mentor other students in their areas of studies. This service is free of charge for students and works very successfully as students often like to discuss their problems with their peers in the first instance.

Excellent Facilities On The Campus

IIBIT has class rooms suited to the delivery of every program that we offer for the University. The classrooms and IT labs are fitted with modern technology which facilitates delivery of the lectures at high standards. Class sizes are also small for more personal attention. The library is fully equipped for supporting a large body of students at any point in time. Wi-Fi access is available on the campus.

Student Counselling Services

IIBIT employs qualified Student Counsellor to support students who may need any type of counselling to help them deal with difficult personal situations. This is in addition to Academic Counselling which is available with the Academic Manager. The Academic Manager's office operates with an open door policy and students are welcomed to visit at any time during the day to discuss their academic progress or any academic concerns.

Fast-track Three Semester Systems

The three semesters in one year option enables students to fast-track their studies. This flexibility means that students can complete their degrees earlier than students studying in a conventional two semester system.

Highly Competitive Fee Structure

IIBIT offers their programs at very competitive costs matching most of the providers in this sector.